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Melissa & Dan | Love is sweet

December 18, 2010

Melissa & Dan are perfect for each other. While that sentence is likely one of the most cliche of cliches it is simply true. Given the opportunity, every person in their lives would repeat the same cliched phrase because… it is simply true. Melissa is intense and organized and a perfectionist and knows what she wants. Dan is…chill and admires her intensity. He’s probably not so organized but appreciates how her organizational skills make their life a little easier (and made their wedding truly a dream come true.) He’s not a perfectionist but he thinks she’s perfect for him and finally, he loves knowing that he is who she wants.

Melissa & Dan’s wedding was filled with love and laughs and friendship – literally: they each had 12 attendants. But that is how their personalities roll – big and bold and inclusive. Each and every person present at their wedding practically glowed with happiness for them and Melissa & Dan opted to personlize every aspect of the day possible. Melissa’s family owns Boxhorn Gun Club so shotgun shells and shooting clays appeared in elegantly creative ways throughout the day. Her big Italian family influenced the inclusion of bomboniere as favors (jordan almonds signifying all sorts of good wishes) and they both made sure that fun was had by every single guest.

I love this last picture showing Melissa’s mom overjoyed to greet her new son-in-law. I don’t usually include too many formal photographs during blog posts, but I was particularly proud of these two shots. The first I like becuase it is really challenging to get that many people in a shot at once with good light, open eyes and sweet smiles. The second I’m showing because it is one of the most adorable ‘formals’ ever.

With Melissa & Dan I never had to say “do something romantic!” Instead, Dan would twirl and kiss, snuggle and dip without prompting. I get the sense that that’s his everyday approach to life with Melissa. Their day was full of expected loveliness and some surprises too – hello Brewers’ sausages! – and all in all I had to agree with their candy table’s declaration: Love is sweet.


The Details~

Bride’s dress: Oleg Cassini

Bride’s shoes: Caparros

Bridesmaid’s dresses: Eva’s Bridal

Flowers: Alfa Flowers

Videographer: Orange Wedding Films


Cake: Simma’s

Reception Venue: Hyatt Milwaukee

Custom table cards: handmade by the bride using shooting clays


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