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Dominic at Wandawega

December 21, 2010

This is a two part story. Mostly its about Dominic – an energetic, talkative, lovely little boy who loves to play outside. But it is also a tiny bit about a magical place called Wandawega.

Wandawega is a vintage lake resort with an intriguing past (seriously, you’ve got to check out the History section of their website – this place has lived multiple lives as a bootlegger’s lookout during Prohibition, a 50’s Vacationland resort and then a turn as a Latvian Catholic retreat.) Today its owners are renewing its dreamy perfect world perched on the shores of a crystal clear lake of the same name in southern Wisconsin. The location is super close to Lake Geneva but feels a world away from the sometimes over-crowded hustle and bustle of that town. Wandawega’s owners have lovingly restored an assortment of buildings and added a few of their own to complement the old school, family-oriented, croquet-and-boating-in-the-morning, cocktails-and-campfire-stories- at-5 atmosphere. From tire swings to real canvas Boy Scout tents and back again to board games in the delightful lodge, Wandawega is a classy camper’s dream. I will note, as well, that they host weddings at the resort in rustic bonfire meets San Pellegrino style. I have my fingers crossed that one day I’ll be photographing a bride relaxing with her girls on the lemonade and lazy days sun porch of the main lodge while guests check-in to their delightful accommodations in a cabin, tent, lodge or even a tree house. In this daydream the groom and his dad are getting barber shop shaves in town while the ring bearer teaches the flower girls to skip rocks off the boat dock.

In reality, Dominic made full use of the grounds on our late fall day at Wandawega. He lives nearby and loves to stomp out on the dock and peer down to the rocks and tiny fish just below the surface. He’ll loves his mom, too, and together they explored the grounds and lodge and all the little treasures Wandawega has to offer.

I love this last series of Dominic playing with a real clock – the kind with bells and mechanical hands. He was intrigued with it, that is, until it went off. Ears covered, mom saved the day and turned it off for him. We took this as our signal that it was time to wrap the session. Happily, cozily, relaxed and smiling we drifted off the property and I spied this gorgeous truck. Solid and sturdy it has likely lived as many lives as Wandawega.



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