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Stephen Charles | Milwaukee family photography

April 20, 2011

Stephen’s first birthday was celebrated in Dr. Seuss style, striped top hat included. He brought his Suessical duds, favorite chair and wheels to the studio just after his 1st birthday to play and laugh and show-off a bit. I was lucky enough to get to capture it all in photographs for his sweet, super-smitten parents Lindsey & Trevor. They are my favorite kind of client – the ones I get to grow and experience life with, the ones who let me walk with them not only on their wedding day but also as the family they chose to form grows person by person. Lindsey & Trevor were married before I started blogging but you can see a perfect, jubilant picture of them on my website’s fanmail page. They’re the ones on the left that look like they just won the lottery. I think with the birth of Stephen Charles they might really have won it.

At the end of the session Stephen decided he was really more interested in the architecture, lights and gear in the room than getting his photo taken. So on a lark we setup a little Photobooth! to capture his inquisitive pointing, laughing and questioning looks. The result was fun and silly and light-hearted.


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