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Nina Lorraine | Youngest of four

April 12, 2011

Tiny, sweet Nina Lorraine has it made. She’s got great parents who seem to have endless reserves of patience and love and best of all, she has three older siblings ready and willing to cuddle, comfort, love and (eventually) guide her. Big brother Domonic is excited about being just that – a big brother to not one but three little girls and his chest often swells with pride at the title he’ll carry for the rest of his life. Second in command, but first in energy and smiles is the oldest girl Natalie. Her bright pink shoes and huge grin let me know immediately that she has much to offer in the way of friendship and sisterly advice for little Nina as well as for second youngest Alaina. Alaina is quieter than her two older siblings, an avid observer quick to cuddle and be loved. She spent most of her time at our shoot hunkered down on dad’s knee but smiled easily when mom or dad looked her way. Together, these four little ones shine as a group and individually, too. Meet Nina and her lucky brother and sisters.

Nina, Alaina, Natalie and Domonic are cousins of sweet Eleanor and I look forward to following them all as they grow and become not just cousins, but friends.

And it’s baby season it seems. Several of my friends and former brides have recently announced they’re pregnant and we’re planning maternity shoots. Simultaneously, lots of families have opted to come to the studio this chilly April so get ready for more natural light family and newborn posts!


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