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Heidi & Mike | Engaged in New York

February 9, 2011

Heidi & Mike met in college in Minnesota, but love is a powerful re-locator of people. She headed east first and he soon followed. Together they’ve built a life of work and play and love amid the vast, mind-blowingly logical network of streets, walk-ups, skyscrapers, parks and landmarks that is New York City. One of those landmarks served as our ultimate destination as we threaded our way from neighborhood to district, from park to street from up above to down below. From Chelsea and the High Line by way of the Flat Iron, the Empire State Building demanded our attention. But not just because it’s so very New York, but because its so very New York and so very Mike & Heidi. Because last year, 80 something stories in the air, with all of New York at their feet it’s where Mike asked Heidi to be his wife.

I realize that these next two photographs placed side by side create a sort of surrealist image, which is not really my intent, however its rather fitting given the contrasting nature of the High Line. The High Line is an abandoned elevated trainway that snakes along the edge of Chelsea and the Meat-packing District that has been converted with gusto and skill to a city park where wild grasses float over busy streets. Buildings on its flanks trend towards contemporary and each one has its own personality. Mike pointed out this one with its mix of window shapes – each one designed to frame a view to the north where the Empire State Building commands the skyline.

Heidi & Mike ~ thank you for sharing your adopted city with me for a day. Here’s to cities and love, and especially people who love both.


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