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Tommy & Cameron { Newborn Twins }

January 19, 2011

Tommy & Cameron have quite a fan club. When I arrived at their home on a cold January Sunday early this year both sets of grandparents, an aunt, Toby the shih-tzu, and of course mom and dad filled the rooms and frames of their first photoshoot. Despite being less than 3 weeks old when I met them, their personalities helped me tell them apart and made photographing them at turns sweet and serene and sometimes hilarious. Tommy is the oldest; named for both his grandfathers, he was mostly awake during our shoot while Cameron slept, well, like a baby, through most everything. I found a set of treasure boxes next to the fire place and so in went the boys – truly treasures to their beaming, in love family.


Tommy & Cameron’s parents are blessed to have such loving family members around to help with the babies. Aunt and Grandfather filled in with feeding and cuddling between shots. The next shot makes me laugh out loud even now – several days later. Behind the camera are at least four people all trying to coo and calm the babies from afar. One is holding a heater on the babies themselves and another is editorializing the interaction between Tommy & Cameron. In a spot-on announcer’s baritone: And now I present my baby brother Cameron…

After the shoot, all packed up and ready to head home, I took this one last picture of Tommy & Cameron’s home. It’s a nice home on a nice street but most importantly it’s filled to the rafters with love and patience and hope for the future for these two tiny perfect babies.

The Details:

Knit baby bloomers: custom order from



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