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Eleanor Elise at 1 year

December 22, 2010

Eleanor has it all: bright baby blues, an infectious laugh, the spunk of a much older individual, and at least two teeth. She often flashes a big would-be toothy grin and engages so intently with her parents I thought she might start spontaniously speaking in full sentences. These photos were taken just before her first birthday and she hadn’t quite started to walk, but boy-oh-boy is she fast on all fours. Throw in the promise of tasty fruit treat and she’ll crawl anywhere.

When I first photographed Eleanor as a baby no one would believe that she was only 6 weeks  old- the twinkly knowing look in her eyes belied the fact that she wasn’t supposed to be able to focus her gaze that far ahead of her much less give you a sassy grin. Nearly a year later my impression of her is the same: she’s adorable and amazing and very likely a little bit brilliant.


I love these last pictures where Eleanor is all mussled and tussled and completely at home in her skin and rumpled hair. She’s totally into high fives and belly laughs. Dad helped her out with both in the last two pictures. All that’s left to say for now is Happy Birthday Eleanor.



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