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Maggie & Brett | Just right

December 6, 2010

Maggie & Bret are extremely likable. There’s a part of me that wants to stop writing just to reinforce this point. But instead I’ll tell you about their adorable Boxer-Sharpei mix named Otis and their ever-evolving lovely life in Madison and you’ll end up believing me anyway.

Otis takes turns being well-mannered and a tad hyper, although in fairness, if I was a dog I would probably get excited about big grassy fields and puddles and lake shores, too. (In fact, I was recently told that if I was a dog my tail would always be wagging. Basically, I get where Otis is coming from.) The great thing about Otis is that in the end, no matter how interesting the leaf or stick or trail may be he’s ultimately interested the most in Maggie & Bret. Which is pretty much how Maggie & Bret feel about one another.

We had a hard time scheduling our shoot because they thought they were moving out of state. She had left her job. They had packed the house up and we were prepared to shoot their engagement session at some unknown date when they would be able to make it back to Madison. But Bret’s dream literally came true and the plan changed. He started medical school in Madison this fall and we were blessed with gorgeous autumn leaves and the kind of light a photographer wishes for every day. I get the feeling that lots of things happen that way in Maggie & Bret’s life together…not exactly expected, but just right for them.


I love these classic chairs at Madison’s Union and so does Maggie. They are classic and colorful and just right, much like Maggie & Bret & Otis.


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