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Tarah & Chad | Meant to be

November 17, 2010

Tarah & Chad have a falling-in-love story that rivals that of any romantic comedy. They were classmates in childhood and briefly dated in 8th grade. Okay, they “went out” in the way that 8th graders did a decade ago – attending basketball games with groups of friends, meeting up here and there and, of course, carrying on long awkward telephone conversations. The real story here though is that one day Chad stopped calling and the basketball games were no more. Tarah, heartbroken, but resolutely proud, summed up the story in her journal with these words: Chad G. will never settle down. Years later they reconnected in college, dated and fell in love. Tarah still has the journals but it turns out that Tarah’s adolescent psychology was very wrong: Chad G. is definitely settling down. With Tarah.

Ellen had a deliciously warm day with the deep colors of fall still on the trees for this shoot. She took Tarah & Chad around the Wards, to the lake and to Schlitz Audobon. In every location and without exception Tarah & Chad’s love for each and the sheer fact that they entertain one another to no end made all the photos keepers. Here are my favorites…

Chad & Tarah – Ellen and I are both delighted to be a part of your wedding experience. Please promise me you’ll frame that journal entry one day…maybe next to this one of your two by the lake:


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  1. Maxwell B Meinerz permalink
    November 18, 2010 8:47 am

    framed. mantle. now.

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