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Lisa & Brendan | Wisconsin Engagement Photographer

November 10, 2010

Lisa and Brendan are an outdoorsy couple who really mean it when they describe themselves that way. He proposed to her near a water fall in Jamaica and they’ll be tying the knot in a garden next summer. Let’s just say that hanging out in front of the TV  isn’t their main entertainment. Their Australian Shepard Montana might be, however. A big cuddly ham, Montana tagged along on our shoot in the fading light of a warmer fall day and loved the lens. Montana brought a constant smile to my face, but I loved photographing these two happy, still souls that are so.very.comfortable. with one another.

The next photo on the right is an homage, let’s say, to one of my favorite photographers: Max Wanger. Lisa and Brendan melted with laughter trying to make these letters for me so I think the shadow play was worth it. We then moved out of the sun and I captured some of my favorite black and white portraits ever. Maybe my favorite portraits ever. From the expressions on their faces to the styling to the compositional lines made from their profiles I just love everything about these.

Lisa & Brendan met me through the lovely parents of the adorable Eleanor and I’m so happy they did. During this whole engagement session and then especially back in the studio I kept wondering did I stumble onto a catalog shoot or are these two just comfortable in front of the camera? Lisa & Brendan thank you for a delightful afternoon, for introducing me to Montana and honestly, I’m already giddy about photographing your garden wedding next July!


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  1. Lisa Henderson permalink
    November 10, 2010 4:49 pm

    Heather we are so excited to have you as our photographer. I am still getting compliments on our engagement pictures :-)What a beautiful fall day, cant wait until next summer! Brendan’s moms fav is the black/white half face pic, she cant stop talking about it. Thanks again!

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