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Kristin & Marco | Engaged

October 13, 2010

There is so much to tell.

There is, of course the story of Kristin & Marco. Just them, just their love and happiness and the life they are building. And then, there are all these layers on top of that already meaty, happy story: how I came to know them, how much I like them and excitingly, how their engagement session blog will serve as the official announcement of exciting news for my studio. Okay, now that I have your attention…I’ll explain that sentence from the end and work back to the start.

I am blessed to have a colleague and friend in the supremely talented Ellen Cook. Over the years we have assisted one another on occasion and “talked shop” many times. As we’ve come to know each other’s interests and portfolio it has become clear that we can and will work together well in a more significant way. So (drum roll, please) for select dates in 2011 and likely beyond Ellen is shooting weddings for my studio in addition to her own weddings, portraits, senior and corporate work. I’ll be heavily engaged in the styling, scheduling, album designing and – most importantly – editing of the images Ellen produces so images shot by Ellen will still feel very much a part of the Heather Cook Elliott Photography portfolio. Plus, my heart breaks a little everytime I tell a prospective bride and groom that I’m already booked. So short of cloning myself or magically creating more Saturdays, having Ellen on board to shoot additional dates for me is the next best thing!

Enter Kristin & Marco: the first 2011 wedding engagement session shot by Ellen and edited by me.

If you follow the blog you might be familiar with a few names: Maggie, Piero, Luciana and Leonardo. Marco is Piero’s brother and I still remember his heartfelt best man’s toast delivered just-on-the-edge-of-happy-tears back in ’08. Kristin shares the same easy smile that Marco wears whenever I see him, but she seems to genuinely not realize quite how gorgeous she is (she’s probably blushing as she reads this…) Together they make for the kind of couple anyone would be happy to know and to top it off they have great taste in everything from food and wine to wedding venues. In just about a year they’ll be celebrating their marriage at Gesu and the Grain Exchange, but for this session Ellen started them off with a few portraits in the studio before covering a little familiar territory close to where they live.


I love this series. Ellen told them to "just be together" and Marco started dancing with Kristin. "Yep. this is what we do," she said.



Marco & Kristin ~ thank you for being the most attractive, sweet and easy to work with couple for a new photographic adventure for my studio. You guys rock.

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