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Sarah & Patrick | Engaged in Milwaukee

September 14, 2010

Sarah & Patrick share a midwestern love story that has taken them from Cincinnati, to Chicago and to Milwaukee, not necessarily in that order. I felt an immediate connection to them, perhaps because I understand how a life’s geographical map can be so influenced by love or in part because they are getting married on my wedding anniversary weekend next year. Most likely it’s because they are so easy to want to get to know. Afterall, in many ways they live their lives in service to others – Patrick coaches and teaches while Sarah is in medicine – and I love how open they both appeared in front of my camera.

I love love love this next picture. There is something so honest and complete about it. But really, it is more than that. It may seem odd to write what I’m about to write about two people just on the verge of starting their married life together, much less a family, but I know why I love this picture:this is the photograph an adult child finds in an attic trunk and thinks wow my parents are so beautiful.

With the sun setting over the city we ventured away from the lake and found a few spots to pick up some Milwaukee-meets-Chicago flavor.

All I can think as I wrap up this post is: I love love, don’t you?



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  1. susan lassiter permalink
    September 14, 2010 10:06 am

    They look so comfortable and gentle together, may they be blessed for a lifetime of love. Such warm beautiful photos!


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