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Ross & Darrah | A perfect Wisconsin Club wedding

August 3, 2010

Ross and Darrah’s day dawned sunny and warm, which is the perfect way to describe both of them. Darrah has one of the most expressive faces and personalities I’ve ever encountered. It was so much fun to to photograph her smiles and Ross’s near fascination with his amazing wife. They both moved through the day sincerely, massively touched by all the people there to support them on their wedding day. Darrah is an architect (and we both share a passion for spaces that make places) so the venues they chose for the ceremony, reception and pictures in between all reflected a sense of history and detail that their out-of-town guests and local family members could appreciate. From St. Hedwig’s on Brady to the newly opened tasting room at the old Pabst Brewery and on to a gorgeous outdoor cocktail hour at the Wisconsin Club, every moment of the day was bursting with happiness. I’m including a massive number of images in this post because its been awhile since I updated the blog…and I can’t resist sharing such lovely images of such lovely people.

The gazebo at the Wisconsin Club was open to guests and sports a handcrafted old world interior replete with carved wood, mosaics and a beautifully preserved domed ceiling. The cocktail hour matched the elegance of the Club interior where Ross and Darrah’s riotous orange details made the space warm and guests feel like dancing.  Plus, the best man’s speech was make-you-cry-and-belly-laugh-out-loud funny with incredibly well done political impressions (including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.) From the heartbreakingly sweet to the blog-about-it silly, Ross and Darrah’s day had it all.

Darrah and Ross recently told me that their relationship started out with writing letters to one another. Real, old fashioned, penned by hand letters. And then one day Ross was there in person in front of Darrah reading a letter aloud, asking…will you? I feel a special kinship with these two, probably a bit because Darrah and I share a passion for architecture, and some because one can’t meet Darrah and not like her – really, it’s not possible. But the real reason is perhaps because of this letter writing thing. My husband and I spent some 6 years writing letters to one another before we were married and oh-so-occasionally now find that a good letter is the only way to say what needs to be said.   Darrah and Ross – I hope you’ll keep the letters going.

The Details:

Bride’s dress:  Che Bella (St. Paul, MN)
Bridesmaid’s dresses:  Flutter Boutique (Minneapolis, MN)
Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse
Jewelry: irisjewelrydesign (Etsy)
Purses: charmdesign (Etsy)
Flowers: Esther Fleming
Table cards:  the bride
Band: Bobby Way and the Wayouts


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