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Amy & Tony: A Chicago Engagement

June 11, 2010

She’s in medicine and lives in Chicago; he’s in business and lives in Milwaukee. He presents as a bit shy but has a smile that makes her want to smile back; Her smile comes more easily, but is always strongest when it’s focused on him.

I met Amy & Tony in Chicago in late May and we skipped about the city gliding easily between urban vignettes and natural settings I was surprised to find in the city. It was the first *hot* day of the year and over the course of the day the light intensity constantly modulated. I love how we were able to capture so many moods and use that changing light to our advantage in these photos.

Dark and jazzy, the lounge at the Drake almost steeps a person in romantic sights and sounds. Here, snug in a red leather booth by the light of a little lantern, Tony proposed to Amy last year.

From the steel and brick of downtown we moved to an almost secret garden at the Alfred Caldwell Lilly pond. There is a prairie + asian influence here that cloaks the walled space with quiet peacefulness. Even the goose by the pond didn’t mind a little company.

A perfect day in perfect light.


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  1. June 20, 2010 4:50 pm

    very nice picture with chicago in background ! love it !


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