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May 19, 2010

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Photobooth! Photobooth! Photobooth!

Jenny & Kyle’s photobooth was a barrel of laughs and constantly populated by guests itching to surprise Jenny & Kyle with sassy pics. The slideshow above is just a sampling of all the images, but Jenny & Kyle – kudos to you for having such fun friends, family and coworkers.

My friends over at The Traveling Photo Booth offer a great true photobooth experience, complete with a guest book and vintage-inspired strips of pictures. I have had lots of requests for more of a mini-studio option where loads of people can pile in the frame or incorporate custom backdrops so I finally decided to figure out how to offer that to couples. My version of the photobooth requires an area about 10’x10′ and I bring lights, a backdrop holder and a very important shutter release remote. The remote allows the guests to take the pictures themselves so we avoid the 1-2-3-say-cheese photos and skip right to the devolving-into-laughter photos. A group of photographers called Our Labor of Love in my home town of Atlanta have perfected the photobooth (they call theirs the Smilebooth) and I could spend hours just looking at the crazy wonderful wedding guests who tromp into their pictures.

I usually bring a white paper backdrop and stand to a photobooth setup but we got lucky at Jenny & Kyle’s wedding and opted to use the Grain Exchange’s beautiful drapings as a backdrop. Another small Atlanta company makes awesome, personalized, super yummy backdrops for photobooths and I would encourage anyone looking at adding a photobooth to their wedding day to splurge on a Dolci Odille custom backdrop.

Jenny & Kyle – Thanks for taking a leap of faith and including a photobooth in your day! I loved it and (obviously!) so did your guests.

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