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Meet Beckett Greg

May 11, 2010

Beckett’s mom and dad were married on a warm May day 3 years ago, surrounded by the friends and family that had known them all their lives. I was there that day and remember feeling wrapped up in the sweetness of their already seasoned love. Tara and Adam have an old soul quality about them and their wedding was dotted with vintage touches and delicate love bird details. Perhaps most notably they had made custom viewfinder reels with pictures of them through the years for their guests. Stepping into their home this past Mother’s Day I realized that those details weren’t part of a “theme,” but rather that they had shared a part of their lives with their guests that day. Tara and Adam’s home is filled (tastefully) with vintage toys, cameras, books and music half a century old or more. Brownie cameras found in a grandparent’s attic nestle cozily with piano player rolls and books on travel while antique figurines pose beside wedding pictures and an old typewriter. The effect is a bit intoxicating for someone like me who’s perfect day includes reading old copies of National Geographic and contemplating my cupcake topper collection. So I couldn’t, wouldn’t resist snuggling Beckett into the landscape of his happy home for his first photographs.

Beckett’s dark newborn eyes love to follow the light and sleep was not part of his plan while I was there to photograph him. He is surprisingly strong and unsurprisingly happiest when being held close to his mom or dad.

Like most all new families it seems, Beckett’s already included a couple of fur babies. Turk and Mazy are gigantic, furry bundles of energy that will one day follow Beckett’s every step. For now, they are content to horse around their backyard (“to horse” being an unusually appropriate verb in this case!) and wait patiently for Beckett to grow big and strong and play with them.

Across three May’s so much love has grown at Tara and Adam’s ~ thanks to you both for introducing me to your baby boy. I like the look of you two with Beckett in your arms, but here’s a few moments from a day before you even imagined him, from the day you said I Do.


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  1. Jackie Smith permalink
    May 22, 2010 10:42 am

    What a beautiful celebration of love and life!!! Thank you for sharing it with me!!!


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