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Destination: Tanzania The Show

April 2, 2010

It has been longer than I intended between posts, but for good reason. I have been preparing for a show featuring 20+ images from the Destination: Tanzania series at my local Starbucks! Last night my husband and father-in-law expertly hung the framed images that range in size from 11×14 to 20×30 and include many of my favorites from our visits with the Hadzabe, Datoga and Masai. Several landscapes and animal images are quite large and I am exteremly happy with the quality of the prints.  If you are in Milwaukee come see for yourself – the show is up for the entire month of April (including Gallery Night April 16th) at the Starbucks on Water & St. Paul just south of the Milwaukee Public Market.

Quite appropriately, Starbucks featured the Product (red) East Africa Blend last week and I gave it a try. I has a nice spicy taste and perhaps a little less bitterness than some of the other roasts. In celebration of the show it is all I’m drinking the month of April. Our Starbucks is run by a great team of baristas that we see way too often while playing cards and sipping coffee. So come see Nathan, Alex, Katie, Lexie, Amber, Spiro, Kate and all the others who know how to make a mean drink.

There are still a few images from Africa to share so next time: hot, sultry and muslim ~ Zanzibar.


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  1. April 13, 2010 1:09 pm

    Was Phillipe part of an agency? How do I go about booking a similar sort of journey? I’m absolutely interested in going through this experience myself …how much did the trip – flight not included – cost?

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